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Peru trip - 11th October to 27th October, 1996

PERU 11th October to 27th October,1996.

David & myself left London on the 10th October,1996 flying to Caracas via Madrid. On arrival at Caracas, we were informed that our flight to Lima had been cancelled and we had been booked on to a new flight the following morning via Bogata, Colombia. We finally arrived at Lima during the late afternoon on the 11th, and after booking in to a small hotel, we managed a short sea-watch from Miraflores. During the evening we met up with Barry & Gail who had invited us to join this trip, as well as Craig & Rose.

The following morning, we all flew out to Cusco, after some hassle at the airport, we met up with Clive Byers, and we birded around Cusco and we also visited the Huacarpay Lakes area. The following morning we left before it was light to the Manu Road, and the next few days travelling along this road visiting a number of sites including Ajcanacu Pass, Pillahuata Camp (overnight), onto the Manu Cloud Forest Camp at Union for a 3 night stay. Onto Atalaya & Amazonia Lodge (2 night stay), and then a 6 hour boat trip along the Madre de Dios to the Manu Wildlife Centre for a 5 night stay. Flight back to Cusco on Aircondor and visited the Inca fortress town of Ollantayambo before a 3 night stay at Abra Malaga (at 4,400 m.). Returned to Lima and visited the Lomas de Lachay National Park in the Atacama Desert. David and myself then returned to London on the 28th October.

An evening visit to the nearby coast at Miraflores, Lima
for a short sea-watch.

Rufous Collared Sparrows were only seen on five dates during
our trip, but they were common around Lima.

Adult Band Tailed Gull on the beach at Miraflores.

Sub-adult type Band Tailed Gull

Arriving at Cuson Airport, with the town behind.

View looking over the Andean town of Cusco, high up in the Andes.

David, with Gail & Barry walking down, on the steps
leading down to the old town of Cusco.

Inca fortness at Sacsayhumman.

Huacarpay Lakes

John at Huacarpay Lakes area.

Eight Green Tailed Trainbearers were found in the Huacarpay Lakes area.

Six Bearded Mountaineers were an early hightlight of the trip
on the hillsides next to Huacarpay Lakes

View leaving Cusco and heading along the Manu Road

Hawk-Moth sp. found along the Manu Road.

Hairy Caterpillar also along the Manu Road.

Stopped to look at some burial chambers along the Manu Road.

Black Winged Ground-Doves feeding near the burial chambers.

View taken along the Manu Road.

Orchids found along the Manu Road.

Stopped briefly for provisions in Paucartambo village along the Manu Road.

Torrent Tyrannulet was seen from the bridge at Paucartambo village.

This Chiguanco Thrush also showed briefly from the bridge.

Acanacw, Manu Road, (site of Creamy Crested Spinetail).

Record shot of the Creamy Crested Spinetail

Looking down towards Pillahuata camp.

Forest waterfall.

White Collared Jay skulking in the undergrowth below
Pillahuata camp,where 4 were seen.

Six Rufous Breasted Chat-Tyrants were seen above Pillahuata,
and a similar number were also seen at Abra Malaga.

Seven of these superb Grey-breasted Mountain-Toucans were
found above the camp at Pillahuata.

Cinnamon Flycatcher at Pillahuata, they were also seen at Union.

View from the lookout at the Manu Cloud Forest Camp at Union.

View of the Rainforest at Union camp.

David & John at the Manu Cloud Forest Camp at Union.

A party of 3 Yellow Throated Tanagers were found just below
Union Camp.

Plumbeous Pigeon (showing its white iris) near Union camp.

A single Hooded Tinamou was seen twice walking on the road
above the Union Cloud Forest Platform.

Golden Headed Quetzal in the forest just below Union Camp.

Andean Cock of the Rock lek site.

Andean Cock of the Rock at the lek just below Union Camp.

Three Blue Banded Toucanets were seen along the road
from Pillahuata & the Camp at Union.

Black & Chestnut Eagles were seen on 3 days at Union.

Tamarino Monkey

Three views taken from the lookout at Atalaya

Four Bluish Fronted Jacamars were seen in the forest above Atalaya.

An adult Black Hawk Eagle soaring high over
the Bamboo Ridge Trail at Atalaya.

Butterflies seen at various sites.

Amazonia Lodge

River scene from the Amazonia Lodge.

Moth coming down to the river mud.


Up to 20 Yellow Rumped Caciques were seen at the Amazonia Lodge.

A very poor record shot of a single Short Crested Flycatcher which was
tentatively identified in the garden at the Amazonia Lodge.

Russet Backed Oropendola coming to its nest at
the Amazonia Lodge

Red Capped Cardinal was seen in the garden at Amazonia Lodge
as well at several other sites.

Mottle Backed Elaenia was found constructing a nest in the garden
just outside of the Amazonia Lodge.

Up to 12 Hoatzins on a day, were seen near the Amazonia Lodge

Black Billed Thrush was only seen in the clearing at
the Amazonia Lodge during our trip.

View taken on our 6 hour river boat journey along the
Rio Madre de Dios to the Manu Wildlife Centre.

Amazon Kingfisher along the Rio Madre de Dios river.

Several pairs of Muscovy Ducks were seen along the river.

Cocoi Heron along the Rio Madre de Dios

A distant Pied Lapwing along the Rio Madre de Dios
Seen on 4 dates with a maximum of 8 on a day.

The Manu Wildlife Centre

A pair of Great Potoos in the clearing of the Manu Wildlife Centre.

Blue Throated Piping-Guan
Up to 3 seen on four dates close to the Wildlife Centre

The Parrot lick raft

The Parrot lick

Mealy & Blue Headed Parrots

Blue Headed Parrots

Mealy Parrot

Red & Green Macaws at the Parrot lick

Two Red & Green Macaws came flying over the raft.

A pair of Black Caracaras came to the parrot-lick
no doubt looking for some easy pickings.

Cocha Blanco Oxbow lake

Sungrebe flying on the Oxbow lake

Giant Otters on the Cocha Blanco Oxbow lake near the
Manu Wildlife Centre.

Three Purus Jacamars were found along the Cocha Camungo Trail
near the Manu Wildlife Centre.

Coming in to land at Cusco in the Aerocondor plane from
the Boca Manu Airstrip.

Leaving Cusco

Buff Breasted Sandpiper, 2 were found on a marshy area
between Cusco & Urubamba

Three Lesser Golden Plovers were also seen on this marsh.

Two locals at the Buff Breasted Sandpiper site.

General Views taken at Abra Malaga

Various views at Abra Malaga

David & Gail making their way along one of mountain paths.

David at Abra Malaga

Up to 4 White Tufted Sunbeams were seen just before
the Abra Malaga pass.

Unstreaked Tit-tyrant in the cloud forest on the
far side of the Abra Malaga pass.

A distant Mountain Caracara at the Abra Malaga Pass
up to 5 birds were seen here.

About 4 Streak Throated Canasteros were found at the foot
of the polylepis wood at Abra Malaga.

Three of these superb Stripe Headed Ant-pittas were found in
the polylepis wood at Abra Malaga

A pair of Slender Billed Miners were found just beyond the Abra Malaga pass.

Male Shining Sunbeam just before the Abra Malaga pass.

Puna Tapaculo on the edge of the polylepis wood at Abra Malaga

Giant Conebill in the polylepis forest at Abra Malaga.

Ash-breasted Tit-Tyrant in the polylepis forest at Abra Malaga

Aplomado Falcon near the pass at Abra Malaga.

A Mountain Orchid Sp. found at Abra Malaga.

Lama at Abra Malaga

The Inca fortress town at Ollantayambo

View from the Lomas de Lachay National Park in the Atacama Desert.

Oasis Hummingbird in the Lomas de Lachay National Park.

Coastal Miners in the Lomas de Lechay National Park.

Black Chested Buzzard-Eagle in the Atacama Desert.

Croaking Ground Dove was seen near the coast.

Grey Gulls on the beach alongside the Atacama Desert.

Band Tailed Gull on the beach alongside the Atacama Desert.

Franklin's Gull flew over the beach alongside the Atacama Desert.

Sunset from Amazonian Lodge.

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